Dave Grohl Stopped A Foo Fighters Show To Give A Blind Fan A Wonderful Keepsake

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Cool Dad Dave Grohl took his garage band Foo Fighters on the road this week, all the way to Stadium Australia in Sydney. Were they greeted by tiny injured penguins in sweaters, as is Aussie tradition? Possibly, but they definitely played a well-recieved, career-spanning show, at one point going from covering KISS to Van Halen to AC/DC to David Bowie to Queen.

Grohl actually stopped the concert at one point, after noticing a sign that a fan was holding up.

The sign read: “drum stick for a blind guy plz” and Grohl obliged, grabbing a stick from drummer Taylor Hawkins in between songs and handing the highly-prized memento to the man with the banner.

“There’s a guy in the front row he’s got a sign that says ‘drum stick for a blind guy,'” the former Nirvana member said into the microphone.

The band then casually continued with their set, as the audience whooped in delight. (Via)

If Netflix didn’t get the Foo Fighters for the Daredevil theme song, what a missed opportunity.

Via the Daily Mail