Dave Grohl’s Take On The Taylor Swift-Spotify Debate: ‘Go Play A Show’

Dave Grohl has been a busy man, what with his successful HBO series Sonic Highways and the release of his band’s 8th studio album by the same name. With the recent announcement that Foo Fighters will open for Iggy Pop next summer at Wembley Stadium, it’s hard to argue with the band’s persisting relevance over the past two decades. During a recent conversation with Digital Spy, Grohl kept the relevance going by throwing down the gauntlet with his opinions regarding the recent Taylor Swift-Spotify debacle.

“You want people to f*cking listen to your music? Give them your music. And then go play a show. They like hearing your music? They’ll go see a show. To me it’s that simple, and I think it used to work that way.”

“When we were young and in really noisy, crappy punk rock bands there was no career opportunity and we loved doing it and people loved f*cking watching it and the delivery was completely face to face personal. That’s what got people really excited about sh*t. Nowadays there’s so much focus on technology that it doesn’t really matter.” (Via)

It’s refreshing hearing this type of perspective from a successful musician who’s most definitely rolling in the dough. And while Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor recently took sides in this ongoing debate, Dave Grohl doesn’t care how you get his music — just as long as you get it.

So go ahead and listen to “Something From Nothing” for nothing! Dave Grohl ain’t care. (Ahem… In case you’re curious, Sonic Highways is currently available for streaming on Spotify. You’re welcome.)

Source: Digital Spy