David Bowie, Courtney Barnett, Björk And Others Signed A Letter Urging World Leaders To Address Climate Change

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11.27.15 3 Comments
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Climate change affects everyone and, hard as it is to believe, that includes David Bowie. The Thin White Duke joined 300 others artists (including Courtney Barnett, Björk, Thom Yorke, Damon Albarn, Chrissie Hynde and Robert Plant) in signing a letter that urged world leaders to reach a deal that would limit the effects of climate change when they meet at a UN conference on the subject in Paris on November 30.

The letter includes a list of demands, which can be read below:

We ask for:

– An ambitious commitment to climate action, starting now, that will limit future global warming to below 2.0°C (3.6 °F) relative to pre-industrial levels
– A legally robust and accountable global climate governance framework and implementation strategy that we will be able to support
– Realistic delivery timetables which account for the long term and which enable us to invest in future-focused and collaborative creative practice
– Financial mechanisms to stimulate extensive infrastructure for poorer nations to support them in achieving their reduction commitments while permitting equitable development
– Significant investment in low carbon infrastructures which we can champion and deploy
– Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals

The artists aren’t expecting world leaders to do it alone, however. They lay out a list of promises for themselves that include using their platform to educate their fans on climate change and making their own businesses more sustainable.

Give the whole letter a read here.

(Via Stereogum)

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