This David Bowie Fan Art Is A Testament To His Impact On His Fans

Ever since his passing on January 10, there has been an incredible outpouring of fan appreciation for David Bowie. Even in death, Bowie is able to awaken the creative spirit in a way that few artists can. While some fan art can be on the weirder side, there have been some truly incredible works of art floating around the internet (like the above image from LoveringArts) to immortalize the incomparable Bowie. He lived a life of many stages, and his fans have documented all of them.

Artist Amy Mebberson gives us a trippy look at Ziggy Stardust, which is easily Bowie’s most popular persona for artists. Her angular take on the Starman is a beautiful take on the larger than life man.

The Glitchway also chose Ziggy Stardust as their artistic inspiration, showing the man who didn’t die, but instead went home.

It wouldn’t be a Bowie retrospective without some Aladdin Sane. DeviantArtist Kyrie0201 created this subtle tribute to the era, as well as the lad behind it.

Bowie’s “Heroes” era is also a popular one, curating the singer’s more clean cut and classic Thin White Duke era. Artist Becky Welton beautifully incorporated Bowie’s soaring lyrics into her imagery, showing how inextricably linked he was (and is) to the music that he created.

Artist Woolf20 reminds us that while the Thin White Duke look may have been more conservative than the Man Who Fell To Earth, it was no less striking

Bowie’s Goblin King is one of his greatest ’80s looks, creating a new legion of fans with one twirl of his silver balls and the chorus of “Magic Dance.” DeviantArt user DavidDeb created this compelling portrait of Jareth and Sarah during the ball in Labyrinth, and is sure to delight Bowie and Jim Henson fans alike.

Bowie remained a magnetic presence throughout his entire life, as evidenced by this incredible charcoal portrait by Imgur user hurm. Even when he had left the glam rock scene behind, there was still an elegance that couldn’t be topped.

Bowie bid this world adieu in a truly epic fashion, leaving behind his album Blackstar as a final farewell, especially his final single, “Lazarus.” Artist Mapodofu pulled from that video’s haunting imagery to create a new vision of the Thin White Duke.

As a man who went through many ch-ch-ch-changes throughout his life, Bowie was always a beacon of hope for those who felt like misfits who would never find their place in the world. UK artist Helen Green perfectly captures his transient spirit with a single illustrated GIF. Thank you for your life’s work, Bowie. Your fans will make sure that your legacy lives on.