There’s A Petition Going Around To Rename A Town In England After David Bowie

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Tributes innumerable poured in to pay respect to the legacy and influence of David Bowie in the wake of his death in 2016. It’s to his immense credit as an artist and a human being that even two years later, the outpouring of both grief and respect have yet to abate. Take for instance the recent petition that’s been going around to rename the English city Aylesbury to “Aylesbowie” in his honor.

The petition, which currently has just over 100 signatures on, with a stated goal of getting 500, seeks to double-down on the town’s association with Bowie. As many of his fans know, it was there, at the Aylesbury’s Friars venue where Bowie debuted his now-iconic Ziggy Stardust persona for the first time back in 1971. According to the man behind the petition David Stopps, who spoke with the BBC, “since records began there have been 57 variations of the town’s name.” Stopps has already been successful in crowdfunding an appeal to build a statue of Bowie in Aylesbury that will be unveiled on March 25th, so who’s to say that a 58th change couldn’t be in the offering?

In other Bowie-related news, it was also revealed today that the theatrical cut of the London production of his musical Lazarus will debut at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn on May 2, soundtracked, in the flesh, by the actual band who brought the show to life originally in New York. Though Ziggy may have departed for the stars, his presence on this planet remains wholly intact.

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