David Bowie Was Going To Appear In Showtime’s ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival

05.13.16 3 years ago

There are 217 names in the cast list for Showtime’s Twin Peaks reboot, miniseries, whatever you want to call it, including Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, and Amanda Seyfried. There’s one notable exception, though: David Bowie, who tragically passed away before he could recreate his Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me magic. In a movie filled with weird scenes, his is one of the weirdest. As Phillip Jeffries, Bowie casually strolls into an FBI office, where, with a thick Southern accent, he explains where he’s been for the past two years.

It’s bizarre, it’s hilarious, it’s Twin Peaks.

Actor Harry Goaz, who played Deputy Andy Brennan, recently spoke to Dallas News about the revival, and confirmed that Bowie “was set to return to make a cameo, but it didn’t happen before the musician’s death this year.” It’s unknown whether Bowie would have put on Jeffries’ comically ill-fitting pants again, or portrayed an entirely different character. Trying to predict anything involving David Lynch, especially Lynch and David Bowie, is a fool’s game.

As for Deputy Andy, Goaz said he’s now able to “keep the faucet closed, but there is plenty of chin quivering. And yet: “I’m very angry to say that I’m still a deputy. I have not been promoted. But I do have my own office because I saw my nameplate on a desk.” No David Bowie cameo, but at least everything’s coming up Andy.

(via Dallas News)

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