David Byrne, Kimbra And The Roots Align Forces To Pay Tribute To David Bowie At The Rock Hall Of Fame

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There have been no shortage of tributes to cultural thunderbolt David Bowie (even American Idol churned one out), so it seems perfectly natural that last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony includde a segment honoring the late music legend’s memory.

David Byrne, Kimbra and The Roots (who did not have to deal with #Bitchassness this go-around) aligned forces off the hop to perform Bowie’s immortal 1975 funk-pop masterpiece “Fame.” No Gaga-esque medley here, just one marvellous single shot homage for the sea of attendees who somehow remain glued to their seats throughout. How is there no involuntary butt waggling? HOW? It also doubled as a marvellous representation of how the recording artist’s impact on different genres, generations and aesthetics.

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