David Gilmour Treated Pompeii To A Rare Performance Of ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’

It’s always good for classic rock fans when a musician starts to thaw and loosen up and begins to trot out songs they haven’t played in years, and occasionally in decades. For example, recently Ritchie Blackmore has started to play Deep Purple and Rainbow songs again. David Gilmour, the erstwhile Pink Floyd guitarist, has been on a solo tour. In the process, he has been busting out a lot of classic Pink Floyd cuts he hasn’t played in a while, including performing “The Great Gig in the Sky” live at the Pompeii amphitheater.

Gilmour first made news when he played “One of These Days” for the first time in 22 years at a concert in Poland. His return to Pompeii is notable in its own right. Over four decades ago, Pink Floyd made a concert film, Live in Pompeii, at the same venue, although this time there was actually an audience.

During the set, Gilmour once again played “One of These Days” and also included “The Great Gig in the Sky.” Gilmour played the pedal steel guitar and the Hammond organ on the original recording of the song, and you can see him playing that style of guitar in this video from Gilmour’s current tour. It’s not from Pompeii, but it is a good indication of how this tour is shaping up for Gilmour.

(via Consequences of Sound)