David Guetta Had His Home Invaded By An Armed Man Who’s Been There Before

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If the need to shell out restraining orders is the new signifier of A-list status, add David Guetta to this disturbingly growing list. Fervent fandom seems to have reached new heights in 2016, likely as the era’s social media boom has fostered deep para-social relationships between celebrity and fan. (Justin Bieber has learned this most recently.) And now superstar DJ David Guetta has fallen victim to this proliferating trend.

According to Billboard, while performing in Ibiza’s iconic venue Pacha, the French DJ had his home invaded by someone who’s been there before. A Polish man, who’s name has yet to be released, was caught on Guetta’s Spanish property earlier this week. An employee of Guetta’s, who was present in the mansion when the incident occurred, reported to the local police that he first saw the intruder in the “Titanium” artist’s kitchen. He also reported that upon being discovered, the intruder threw a knife out of the window before fleeing the residence by leaping over the boundary wall. The weapon has yet to be found. However, the man was arrested when he was found at a nightclub in Ibiza Town. He will be questioned in a private hearing and likely issued a restraining order preventing him from coming near the EDM artist, his family or his house.

The punishment pertains to not only this most recent violation, but due to the intrusion being the man’s second visit to Guetta’s Ibiza home. He’d previously tricked a maid into thinking he was a friend of the DJ’s and let onto the property with relative ease.

Unfortunately, it seems until the impassioned modern mystique surrounding celebs quells a bit, they may want to look into upping their security.

(via Billboard)