David Letterman Has The Perfect Advice For Mariah Carey To Deal With Folks Bugging Her For A New Album

05.07.14 4 years ago 10 Comments
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Mariah Carey stopped by Letterman and there was nary a Nick Cannon in sight! Unless of course he was hiding in the audience in white face, which is always possible I guess.

Anyway, awkward racial comedy aside, this appearance features some of the best advice one could give on how to deal with people who are bugging you: Tell em to screw off. Sure, Mariah Carey has sold millions of albums, but that doesn’t mean you normal folks can’t take a little bit of it in your own life.

You might end up in a fight or worse, but I think your principles will be intact. It worked well at Ruby Ridge and Waco!

(Via The Late Show)

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