D∆WN’s Experimental ‘Lazarus’/’Love Under Lights’ 3D Video Is Equal Parts Kanye West And Björk

05.10.17 12 months ago


D∆WN, aka Dawn Richard, recently released a deluxe edition of her 2016 album REDEMPTION, which includes a pair of soulful bonus tracks, “Hurricane” and “Van Gogh.” She really hasn’t stopped releasing new stuff since her Danity Kane days, so today, she kept on going and dropped a technologically experimental music video for the songs “Lazarus” and “Love Under Lights.”

Titled “Lazarus Under Lights,” the clip, directed by Monty Marsh and designed by digital artists Sam Rolfes and Isaac Cohen, is a trippy 3D and interactive journey. In the first part of the video, you can shift the viewing perspective by moving your cursor around the screen and interact with the background by clicking. The video itself is of D∆WN dancing alone around a white room, a format that’s not that unlike Kanye West’s Tayanna Taylor-starring “Fade” video.

That type of interactivity is also there for the second half of the video, although it gets decidedly more experimental and Björk-inspired (more specifically, like her recent “Notget VR” video). The visuals transition into an abstract rendering that includes a 3D model of D∆WN’s head surrounded by vine- or tentacle-like objects, and there’s just a bunch going on visually beyond that.

This won’t be the last you see of D∆WN even today, since she is set to perform alongside Dirty Projectors on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this evening; D∆WN is featured on “Cool Your Heart,” from Dirty Projectors’ self-titled album released in February, so it’s of course super likely that’s the song they’re going to play.

Check out the “Lazarus/Love Under Lights” video below.

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