Deafheaven Preview Their New Album With The 12-Minute Post-Metal Epic ‘Canary Yellow’

Deafheaven have never been afraid to give a song room to breathe: For instance, their most recent album, 2015’s New Bermuda, only featured songs that were over eight minutes long. In April, they shared “Honeycomb,” a near-12-minute track from their upcoming album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. Now they’re back with another new song, and “Canary Yellow” is a 12-minute track that has elements of light post-rock and punishing post-metal, going back and forth between intense extremes and (relatively) gentle lows to create a dynamic and expansive experience.

New Bermuda was critically acclaimed, but it’s also not a record the band was trying to make again with Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. Singer George Clarke recently said about working on the new album, “I don’t think anyone who worked on New Bermuda wanted to make another record that sounded like New Bermuda.”

Guitarist Kerry McCoy also added:

“We finally dealt with all the stuff that made New Bermuda so dark — and when we did, we realized that all that other stuff was junk. When we all got in a room together, I was like, ‘This was the juice of life right here.’ It was like we’d been holding our breath for three years, finally let it out, took another one, and said ‘Everything’s gonna be OK.”

Listen to “Canary Yellow” above.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love is out 7/13 via Anti-. Pre-order it here.