Dean Pelton’s Payday Rap From ‘Community’ Gets The Beat It So Very Much Deserves

As Josh noted in his Friday recap, this past week’s Community was delightful on several levels, but Dean Pelton’s opening rap (above) and the credits scene between Vince Gilligan and Gina Gershon really stole the show. Bonus trivia: The kid holding the keyboard is Jonathan Banks’s son AND our girl Gillian Jacobs is not really sorry about breaking.

And now the internet has answered the bell and provided Dean Pelton’s portion of the highlights with a beat that ups the ante on the Jim Rash magic. I have yet to not giggle at the Obama lyric.

We’ll just declare the Dean’s rap the internet winner until the Gilligan-Gershon softcore porn scene hits the web. Deal?

Soundcloud via r/Community