Deerhunter Debuts Bloody, Insanely Good New Song, ‘Monomania,’ On ‘Fallon’

The first thing you should know about Deerhunter’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon performance of the title track from their upcoming album, Monomania, is how goddamn good it is. With every new record, Bradford Cox & Co. reinvent themselves, and if “Monomania” is any indication, album #6 will be played loud and sung with a snarl.

The second thing to look out for: Cox’s new persona, Connie Lungpin, a wig-wearing Joey Ramone look-alike who appears to be missing a couple of fingers. Thin White Nuke for album #7, perhaps? Anyway, be sure to watch until the end of the video, when Lungpin does his impression of a backstage SNL monologue.