Def Leppard And The Arkansas School For The Deaf Leopards Finally Meet

Not every school can be blessed with a quality team name for sportsing it up. Heck, one of the high schools I went to had their teams named the Celtics, but with viking logos on the uniforms and walls of the gym. (Thanks, rural Manitoba!) The Arkansas School for the Deaf does not have this problem because they have the coolest team name in the history of time. They’re known as: The Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards. It’s the sort of glorious name that towers over its competition.

The legend of this team name has now reached the point where the school’s path has intersected with its hair metal equivalent. (You might think the Def Lep inspired the branding, but it’s apparently been around since FDR was in office.) Nudged on by a petition started by Cary Tyson, Def Leppard and the Deaf Leopards met at the band’s Little Rock concert that had fellow dad-friendly bands like REO Speedwagon and Tesla in tow. Scheduling prevented Def Leppard from visiting the school’s iconic scoreboard, so the scoreboard came to them.

Not Pictured: The students pouring some sugar on Def Leppard. There’s always next time, we suppose.