Deion Sanders Dressed Up Like Madonna To Lip Sync ‘Like A Virgin’

Childhood hero and all-around fun dude Deion Sanders is super real. He’s real when it comes to calling out his kid for fronting on social media and he’s even more real when it comes to lip-syncing for his life on Lip Sync Battle. That’s why the same man who brought us Prime Time had absolutely no problem with putting on a wig and a dress to mouth Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” on national television.

The whole performance hasn’t aired yet, but if you loop the video twice it should give you an idea of what the entire thing will look like. And that way you’ll also see twice as much confused-as-hell Justin Bieber trying to figure out just exactly what is going on.

Bro Bible jokingly suggests that Sanders went on the show because money might be tight, but it’s more likely he just wanted to have fun. He also recognized that this was probably his only chance to completely humiliate all of his children in public while being praised for his spot-on impression of Madonna. Smart dude!

Plus, Sanders has already conquered football, baseball, and music. Why shouldn’t he dominate lip syncing as well?

(Via Bro Bible)