Demi Lovato Outshines Boston’s 4th Of July Fireworks With This Cover Of ‘Purple Rain’

This country’s colors may be red, white, and blue, but for a little while, the Fourth of July was all about purple, as Demi Lovato honored the memory of the late, great Prince. Demi Lovato, along with her tour partner Nick Jonas, were part of the annual Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular to celebrate Independence Day. Together, they sang “America the Beautiful,” but then Demi took center stage to pay tribute to a fallen American icon.

Lovato busted out his epic “Purple Rain” for the occasion. Many of her fellow musicians have also played this song in the wake of Prince’s death, but Lovato was on a massive stage, with the Boston Pops behind her, which made this perhaps the most impressive, monumental Prince tribute yet. Naturally, the lights turned purple, and of course, the whole thing ended with a big fireworks display.

It was an electrifying version of the song, and the crowd seemed to be enjoying it immensely as well. Having the Boston Pops on the song gave it a slightly different sound, but they still included that awesome guitar solo. Lovato may have missed the window when Prince tributes were pouring out of seemingly every corner of the music world, but her performance was worth the wait.

(Via MTV)