Robert Rodriguez Is Directing Demi Lovato’s Newest Video, And Here’s Picture Proof

Demi Lovato tweeted some photos from the set of her “Confident” video, and movie fans will notice a few familiar faces standing next to the pop star. Not only do we have Michelle Rodriguez (who fits the very definition of “badass”) in a crop top, but the video’s director forecasts the feel of this production. Robert Rodriguez regularly sidetracks himself with kiddie fare, yet his reputation as an auteur of gratuitously violent flicks precedes him.

From this photo alone (and Demi shared others, below), we can assume “Confident” may run with the recent trend of super violent videos that have been so popular within the pop music crowd. Rihanna’s “Bitch Betta Have My Money” found a large reception with the splatter crowd with director Eli Roth tweeting his approval:

And of course, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” arrived with a decidedly Sin City vibe, which is interesting because Rodriguez co-directed the adaptation of Frank Miller’s creation. With Lovato’s new effort, Rodriguez himself has thrown his Desperado hat into the ring.

Now, I’m not above imagining that one pop star would try to one up another by enlisting Rodriguez to helm the way. There’s a little bit of “Girl, you made a Robbie Rod-styled video, but I hired the man himself” in there. Stay tuned on this one, folks. A new feud may soon be in the works.