Denzel Curry Makes His TV Debut With A Medley Of ‘Zuu’ Songs On ‘The Tonight Show’

Denzel Curry is clearly an artist on the rise. His previous two albums, 2018’s Ta13oo and this year’s Zuu, were his first to chart on the Billboard 200, he appeared on high-profile projects like the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse soundtrack and Flying Lotus’ album Flamagra, and he just wrapped up a tour with Billie Eilish. The Florida rapper is adding new lines to his resume by the minute, and it just got even longer: Last night, he made his television debut, stopping by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for a performance.

Curry performed a medley of “Ricky” and “Wish,” the second and third tracks from Zuu, and as anybody who has seen Curry live would expect, he was a constant jolt of energy. Accompanied by a live band, Curry picked a good pairing of songs to show off what he has to offer. “Ricky” is an aggressive, in-your-face track, while “Wish” is smoother and more indebted to R&B. It’s also worth noting that during “Wish,” Curry took off the bucket hat he was wearing to reveal that he cut off his signature locks in favor of a significantly shorter haircut.

Watch Curry perform a medley of “Ricky” and “Wish” above, and read our review of Zuu here.