Depeche Mode Is Still Alive And Kicking, Performed On Letterman Last Night

03.12.13 18 Comments

A few random thoughts about Depeche Mode…

– First off, I’m not sure I knew they were still together, but they are, have been for longer than many of the people reading this have been alive, and they’ve sold 100 million records. That’s a lot of records!

– Does anyone know what Depeche Mode means? Is it anything like “beast mode?” Probably not, right?

– I have long contended that “Songs of Faith and Devotion” is one of the best albums a human being can sex to. It builds and builds and it’s just so very dark and sexy.

Okay that’s all. The band has a new album coming out later in the month and is going on a 20 city U.S. tour later this year. And now you know.

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