Desiigner’s Freestyle To ‘The Addams Family’ Theme Song Is Pretty Fire

Looks like I’ll be ditching my standard ringtone for this incredibly turnt up version of The Addams Family theme song provided by Desiigner. The geniuses over at Genius got the “Tiimmy Turner” rapper to freestyle to the iconic theme, and you bet your last can of 4LOKO it’s LIT AF. Geah! Geah! Yah!

Now, I can’t make out all the lyrics, so don’t bother asking me for the Queen’s English translation, but Desiigner’s infectious ad-libs alone make this everything. It also has me thinking that maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe it’s not DJ Khaled who holds the keys (the keys, the keys, the keys) to happiness. Maybe, now bear with me because this is some out-of-the-box thinking, but maybe it’s Desiigner.

This kid is literally joy personified. Caffeine in the flesh. For a long time, I thought the 19-year-old G.O.O.D. music rapper was hooked on that hard stuff, but maybe dude’s just effing happy. He’s 19, grew up in the hood and was shot in the hip when he was just 14. Now, he’s on Kanye’s record label, making good music and all of his dreams are coming true. Hell yeah I’d be completely wasted off life, too. Geah! Geah! Yah! And all that good stuff.