A Founding Member Of Devo Threw A Really Tasteless 9/11-Themed Wedding Reception

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Devo have been pioneers and leaders in rock n’ roll, music videos, and just general weirdness. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! is a magnum opus of the absurd, in addition to also being a really, really good record, but the pictures that emerged from founding member Jerry Casale’s anniversary party might be a bridge too far for even some of the band’s most devoted followers.

Casale married his new bride Krista Napp on Friday, Sept. 11 and, as evidenced by some exclusive photos obtained by TMZ, the wedding reception featured some, we’ll say, unusual themes. Like a World Trade Center cake with brides’ and grooms’ faces on it, and box cutters as a festive table setting!

The band in general has always had a twisted surrealism, kitsch, and satire to their aesthetic, and Casale’s Twitter account is definitely filled with gallows humor, but nothing has ever quite embarked on this level. According to TMZ, a guest of the wedding said Casale has “real heart as an artist, and is a super sweet guy” in response to questions about the theme. If he wanted to throw a wedding reception folks would #neverforget, this definitely was it.

(Via TMZ)

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