Diarrhea Planet Has The (Big) Balls To Cover AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’

Most bands don’t have the (big) balls to cover AC/DC.

Opera singers, sure, but not other rock groups. Except Nashville-based Diarrhea Planet, who got their name after eating too much “Hot Chicken” (not true, but it could be); they have TruckNutz-sized ones. Music Band frontman Harry Kagan joined the country-fried sextet for a roaring cover of “Thunderstruck” during the Infinity Cat Showcase at South by Southwest last week. It’s really good and a lot of fun, but could have used a few more guitars. Here’s a thought: If Brian Johnson does leave AC/DC — if he doesn’t, he’s risking “total hearing loss” — he should be replaced not with another singer, but an army of guitarists. No vocals, just guitars. “Hells Bells” plays itself!

These guys are interested.