Diddy Catches A Vibe While Sharing Shots With Drake’s Piano-Playing Dad

Drake once rhymed, “while all of my closest friends out partying, I’m just here making all the music that they party to.” Yeah…that’s not Diddy. He’s the type to record a track, then go out that very night to catch the vibe. The man topped the Forbes list for musicians this year, which no doubt takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it seems like outside of the boardroom his life is one big party. He’s been known more in recent years for Ciroc liquor than anything else, but now in recent years he’s been expanding his libation empire to Delon Tequila.

While the Deleon commercials are elegant, it’s likely the majority of people who enjoy Deleon are doing what a Youtube channel ripped from his social media accounts: hanging out with friends, dancing in the club, and taking shots while someone sings questionably in the background.

The All Urban Central channel ripped footage of Diddy dancing around while Drake’s dad Aubrey Graham sang a song on the piano. Diddy looks like he was in his own world while taking swigs, which makes the juxtaposition even more hilarious. The scene seems like it would fit perfect in someone’s anecdote about a weird night in hollywood with a random hodgepodge of famous people.

The lone tangential takeaway from the moment is that Drake and Diddy seem to be cool after their past strife – at least cool enough for Diddy to be around Drake’s father with his guard down going bottoms up.

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