Diet Cig Turn Vulnerable Moments Into Rallying Cries — And They’re Really Good At It

Contributing Writer

Shervin Lainez

If you’re a fan of Diet Cig, please send them the name of a good conspiracy theory podcast.

The pop-punk duo ran into a unique problem while trying to keep themselves entertained on their current tour. The sort of people who think that the Illuminati wants their mind, soul and their bodies tend to have more enthusiasm than broadcasting skills.

“We spent a day in the hole of bad conspiracy theory podcasts,” the band’s vocalist and guitarist Alex Luciano told me over the phone last week. “But they all seem to be their first podcast. It’s somebody spending the first 25 minutes explaining what they’re going to do.”

And they aren’t just some gawkers dipping a toe into the wingnut arena, Luciano is clearly a believer and exactly the sort of person who would love a good audio breakdown of the truther movement, if only the host could get his levels right.

“I love conspiracies,” she said. “I definitely think that Bush did 9/11 and I’m all for people saying we didn’t go to the moon.”

The great thing is, if you think you know the name of an entertaining tin-foil hat type and want to share, the band is remarkably easy to reach. The band work really hard to connect with their fans on Twitter and foster the community that have latched on to Luciano’s uber-personal-as-hella-political songs. A quick scan through their social media will find the band responding to fan art images, fans’ selfies in homemade t-shirts and people just generally enjoying their new album.

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