Dilly Dally Return From The Grave In The Video For The Alternative Rocker ‘I Feel Free’

06.26.18 8 months ago

Dilly Dally nearly called it quits after their 2016 debut album Sore, the title of which is appropriate: The Toronto group was exhausted after the album release and promotion cycle, enough so that they considered bringing the band to an end. Instead, they’ve just announced that they’re back with their second album, the tile of which, Heaven, alludes to the band’s journey in recent years: “This feels like the album we’d make if the band died and went to Heaven,” the band’s Katie Monks says. Heaven is set for release on September 14 via Partisan.

This narrative is also mirrored in the video for new song “I Feel Free,” an edgy and anthemic alternative rock track in the spirit of 2000s groups like Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In the clip, Monks digs her bandmates out of their graves and desperately attempts to bring them back to life. Monks explains the song and video by saying, “This song is me asking my bandmates to let go of what’s been weighing us down. We’re not going to let the past hold us back from our dreams. Let’s do this thing.” She also describes the sound of ‘Heaven’ as “doom metal vibes with lots of positive messages.”

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