Dilly Dally’s New Single ‘Sober Motel’ Is A Sludgy And Explosive Meditation On Sobriety

Vanessa Heins

2018 has been a year overloaded with some incredible new rock albums, but the best might still be yet to come. On September 14, the Toronto-based alt-rock band Dilly Dally will finally release their next album Heaven, which is the long-awaited follow-up to their well-received 2015 record Sore. Today, the group has decided to give listeners just a taste of what they can expect with the sludgy and explosive new single “Sober Motel.”

According to Dilly Dally’s singer Katie Monks “‘Sober Motel’ is a raw and very real meditation on the pressures of maintaining sobriety as a touring musician where drink and drugs are readily and easily available at every stop along the road. “[It’s] a celebration of sobriety, in the midst of an industry that is anything but. I wrote it in a motel bathroom after taking a mystical shower alone.” She added, “The song spawned from a sadness I had for my friend [Dilly Dally’s bassist Jimmy] Tony who was struggling with addiction. We all were realizing that being on the road had turned into volatile place for some of us, and it was heartbreaking.”

Dilly Dally’s new album Heaven is out on September 14 via Partisan Records. Check out their latest single “Sober Motel” in the video above.