Diplo Tried To Clarify His Beef With Zedd, But Still Kinda Dissed Him

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With Major Lazer‘s third album, Peace Is the Mission, dropping this week, naturally de facto leader Diplo was going to be in the press promoting the new record. That in mind, he would probably have to answer for comments he made on Twitter about fellow EDM superstar Zedd. Specifically, that he called True Colors, Zedd’s new album, a “pile of sh*t.”

Well, now, perhaps following Major Lazer’s Peace-ful mantra, he tried to clarify his flippant comments while speaking with But — spoiler alert — he didn’t really make things much better:

I’m actually not enemies with Zedd by any means. I just think that he came from such a cool place, and now he’s been pegged as a money-maker for a major label to do EDM, which to me isn’t even a genre. But they’ve pegged him for that, they’ve marketed him, even the fake relationship with Selena Gomez, all the things to sell records took away from the music. He’s an amazing producer and good songwriter. I just feel like… I was hoping he’d come out of the scene and do something.

He continued on about the wunderkind DJ, saying if he would just be more like Diplo, that things would be so much better:

He’s got a really loud space right now in this culture, there are a lot of people paying attention to him, he can do this awesome music, and to just come out with something so flat and expected and easy for people…When Skrillex and I came out with the Jack Ü album, we came out with the weirdest s–t we could think of. We’re not about to put out the same songs we did over and over again. You only live once, you know what I’m saying?

Even when he’s trying to be good, he still sounds evil. He’s like the Mr. Burns making “Lil Lisa’s Animal Slurry” of the electronic music world. Well, with Major Lazer’s track “Lean On” doing so well and Peace Is the Mission finally being released, maybe Diplo will eventually mellow out. Or, you know, just not tweet every passing feeling that comes to him without a second thought.