Diplo Thinks Drake ‘For Sure Hates’ Him, And He Believes He Knows Why

At one point in time, Drake followed Diplo on Instagram and Twitter. That is ancient history, though, as he does no longer. In a new profile with The Cut, Diplo pinpoints what he believes to be the reason why Drake “for sure hates” him.

Part of the feature talks about Diplo’s online presence, which is described as “a slightly softer version of what it used to be.” The piece notes that a good amount of Diplo’s tweets are actually written by Cash, one of the writers on his Major Lazer TV series. After Diplo and his team went back through the social media archives, Diplo thinks the reason Drake unfollowed him is because of a now-deleted tweet that Cash penned, in which he joked about Drake’s son joining Brockhampton.

Diplo said of the tweet, “I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it was super-funny.”

Furthermore, Diplo wishes he and Drake were buds, since “they are both creators, both hang out in Vegas, and both have kids.” He also offered a plea to Drake for a reconciliation: “Come back, dude! I miss us! I miss us!”

Elsewhere in the piece, Diplo praises John Mayer as somebody who is “really good at” using the internet, saying, “I don’t know any of his music anymore, but I’ll buy it because he’s so good at Instagram.”

Read the full feature here.