Diplo Had The Absolute Worst Response To News Of R. Kelly’s Sex ‘Cult’

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Diplo has a long history of tweeting and deleting, but the super producer might have outdone himself this time. You see, in response to the news that R. Kelly, a man with a long history of sexual assault and abuse allegations, had founded a sex “cult” and was holding young women hostage, the man born Thomas Wesley Pentz thought it was a fitting time to make a joke. A sex joke. See below.

“Low key sent my cv for r kelly sex cult membership,” he wrote. As Spin points out, the tweet was only up for about twenty minutes, just enough time for it to rack up about fourteen retweets.

Though members of the cult have already been coming forward to make their own statements, and a police report found at least one victim without visible wounds, when family members and parents are telling a reporter that they are fearful for their daughters, and can’t get a hold of them, those are generally the people who know what’s really going on. Due to factors like Stockholm syndrome, and the fact that Kelly has so much control over these women right now, it’s hard to say if their statements are credible.

But one thing is for sure, pretending that sex within the confines of an abusive environment is a thing you’d want to submit a resume for is a gross reaction, and could’ve only stemmed from someone who doesn’t know the devastating horror of sexual abuse. Diplo, dude, I expected better — even from you.

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