Dipset Takes It To Church For Their Comeback ‘Once Upon A Time’ Video

When Cam’Ron slyly posted a preview for something with a church setting on his Instagram, most assumed it was the next step in his feud with Ma$e. Most had championed Ma$e the victor in their initial clash of diss tracks, and Cam clapping back in video form would be an easy way for him to get back at his former friend. It wasn’t meant to be though, as it turns out Cam was just previewing the video for the Dipset comeback track “Once Upon A Time.” And a week later, just like the preview promised, the video is here.

Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freaky Zeeky all take it to the church to fit the choir sample from the track — and maybe jab at Ma$e a tad too — and look as happy as ever despite whatever differences they’ve seemed to have had in the past. Besides a few random rap scowls, the group is all smiles and it’s nice to see them back together and as Harlem as ever. It’s been some time since Dipset was at their peak in terms of both quality and relevance, but “Once Upon A Time” is a nice start to their renaissance and more than enough to get Dip fans excited for whatever the group has planned for 2018.