David Longstreth Airs Out His Breakup With Amber Coffman On Dirty Projectors’ ‘Up In Hudson’

The meta-narrative surrounding all of the new work from the Dirty Projectors, and the solo music from former member Amber Coffman, has been based on speculation about the dissolution of the relationship between Coffman and Projectors’ frontman David Longstreth. Coffman hinted at it with her debut track “All To Myself” and Longstreth showed his mournful side on “Keep Your Name,” and “Little Bubble” was all about loneliness. But now Longstreth has ditched subtext on the latest Dirty Projectors track “Up In Hudson.”

The 7-plus minute track is an explicit chronicle of Coffman and Longstreth’s relationship, detailing in no uncertain terms the way that they met and how they grew apart.

“‘Cause love will burn out,” Longstreth sings over a horn section that sounds like Social Experiment b-sides. “And love will just fade away.”

While the subject matter and lyrics are blunt enough to be uncomfortable, Longstreth makes up for it with his characteristic layering of sounds and falsetto. And the groove that bolsters the back-end of the track while all of those aforementioned horns degrade into static is something to hear. Check out the whole lovely mess up top.

In addition to the new track, the band announced the release date for their long-awaited follow-up to Swing Lo Magellan. The new self-titled album is out on February 24 via Domino. The band also shared the official tracklist via Twitter, check it out below and pre-order it here.

Dirty Projectors tracklist:
1. “Keep Your Name”
2. “Death Spiral”
3. “Up In Hudson”
4. “Work Together”
5. “Little Bubble”
6. “Winner Take Nothing”
7. “Ascent Through Clouds”
8. “Cool Your Heart”
9. “I See You”