Dirty Projectors And D∆WN’s ‘Cool Your Heart’ Performance Was So Joyful, They Had To Stop To Dance

Cool Your Heart” was a relatable highlight from the otherwise downbeat and uncomfortably specific self-titled breakup album from the Dirty Projectors. So it makes sense that that’s the track that David Longstreth would decide to bring along when it came time to perform for late-night. And the frontman wasn’t alone in the gleeful showcase. Along with the song’s guest star D∆WN, he brought Tyondai Braxton to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show set and he incorporated The Roots into his band because you take that opportunity when you get it.

The result is an even more joyous take on the song,which bursts out into a drum breakdown complete with some goofy, in-the-moment dancing from Dawn Richard and Longstreth. It’s so bright and happy, you could be forgiven for wondering if it’s a cover of an Amber Coffman song. Give it a watch up top.

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