Did The Dixie Chicks Go Too Far With Their Mocking Of Trump?

When the topic of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump comes up, there is often a question of “going too far” being raised. In many cases those questions revolve around things that Trump has said in public, while on the campaign trail, or in sit-down interviews with the press. He’s been able to deflect most of his criticism by masking most of his statements in the concept of “free speech” and being “anti-politically correct.” But in many cases, these same questions are raised about critics of Trump, including, but not limited to violent protesters at his rallies.

The Dixie Chicks are absolutely no strangers to being in hot water for things that they’ve said and done. Their anti-war and anti-Bush messages in the early 00’s pushed them from simply being a pop-country act to being activists and it looks like they aren’t shying away from speaking out during this election season, either. The latest comes from their MMXVI world tour that kicked off last week and did so in style — with a defaced photo of Donald Trump as the backdrop, EW reports. It doesn’t seem like the Dixie Chicks are too into Donald Trump.

The Dixie Chicks are now added to the list of performers, artists and celebrities who find the idea of Donald Trump as the President of the United States as not only outlandish, but offensive. Somehow using a defaced photograph of Trump with an evil mustache and devil horns while playing a song about killing an abusive husband just seems so very Dixie Chicks at this point.

(Via EW)