Tiny Guru Asahd Helped DJ Khaled Get Over His Fear Of Flying And Take His First Flight In Ten Years

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GOD AND @asahdkhaled GOT ME !🙏🏽

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DJ Khaled says he hasn’t flown in over ten years, but with the help of tiny guru Asahd, was able to overcome his aviophobia — that’s the fear of flying — and return to the skies with no fear. All jokes aside, many people who suffer from anxiety are able to cope with the help of cuddly companion animals, and who’s more cuddly than Asahd? Just look at the little guy, all relaxed and chill on that airplane. I bet his ears don’t even pop.

It looks like the only thing baby Asahd is really afraid of is Justin Bieber, so lending a little courage to his pops, who of course extensively documented his first flight in ten years via his seemingly always running Snapchat as well as several Instagram posts of the before and after. During the flight, Khaled broke out a little of his signature cloth talk, saying, “They don’t want me to fly in airplanes, so I went and got a private jet, a Global 5000. I’m fearless now. Tell They I said hi.” Feel free to check out the ripped compilation of his first high-flying experience below. I do wonder how DJ Khaled has managed to tour and promote Grateful if he was too scared to board a plane though. That jet ski must have some miles on it now.