Nearly Every Artist You’ve Ever Loved Has A Feature On DJ Khaled’s Upcoming Album ‘Grateful’

When he was putting together the list of artists that he wanted to appear on his upcoming album Grateful, DJ Khaled seemed to go back repeatedly to one of his signature catchphrases. “Another one.” Today, the Miami mogul unveiled the full track list for his next project and it’s staggering. Khaled seems to be taking a page out of the Drake playbook and has filled his album out with a monumental 23-tracks in total. But that’s not the notable part.

What really should get people talking is who he’s lined up to appear. Of course we already knew about Jay Z and Beyonce showing out together on “Shining,” and we’ve been rocking to his first No. 1 single “I’m The One,” with Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo for a minute, but the entire thing comes like a who’s who of the major artists in the hip-hop space today. Drake is here. So is Rihanna. Future logs multiple appearances. So does Chance The Rapper. So do the Migos.

For all the star power present here, you could come away with the impression that all Khaled had to do was put his feet up and let his superstar friends do the heavy lifting. The estimable DJ put that notion to bed in a recent interview with Billboard. “Anybody who’s confused what Khaled does is an idiot,” he said. “I produce, I write, I orchestrate. I’m a mogul and one of the biggest DJs you’ve seen in your life. I’ll bust your ass on some turntables. You go to my Miami studio, you’ll be blinded by the shining of the [platinum and gold] plaques. What, you think my records get made magically?”

Gaze in awe at the full Grateful track list below.