DJ Khaled’s ‘SNL’ Appearance Will Feature A Murderers’ Row Of Big-Name Guest Stars

DJ Khaled is mainly known as the maestro who pulls together massive collaborations and sparks iconic performances on his albums, so it’s only right that his upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live‘s season finale is a blowout of epic proportions. He’s bringing a murderers’ row of big-name guest stars with him, including Big Sean, J Balvin, Jeremih, John Legend, Lil Baby, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, and SZA, all of whom appear on his new album, Father Of Asahd.

While guest stars were fully expected to join him for his performance (although 15 minutes of his meme-worthy dance steps would be appropriately hilarious for a sketch comedy show), the sheer number and star power of the guests he’s bringing comes as something of a surprise. Lil Wayne and Meek Mill have already hit the SNL stage this season to promote their respective albums, but Khaled bringing them back to perform their verses from his album is a power move few in the business have the connections or weight to pull off.

Meanwhile, he’ll be giving a pretty big opportunity to artists like J Balvin and Lil Baby, who are both huge in their respective genres but may not have been exposed to the major audience that SNL provides. And though SZA shot up to Coachella headliner status in just one short year after her debut, she’s been relatively quiet since then. Her Outkast-sampling collaboration with Khaled might be just the thing that kick starts the latest phase of her career.

One guest who wasn’t announced, but will likely make an appearance as well — because how could he not? — is Khaled’s executive producer and son, Asahd Khaled.

Tune in this Saturday to watch Khaled and the gang tear it up, and listen to Father Of Asahd here.