DJ Khaled Wants To Snapchat His Son’s Birth

There’s no denying it, DJ Khaled’s Snapchat game is straight up legendary; and before you bring up that he lost a bunch of money from snapping, we just want to squash those rumors again. So what’s DJ Khaled’s next Snapchat adventure? Get ready to get up close and personal with Khaled’s fiancee’s business, because he wants to Snapchat the entire birth of their child.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel congratulated him on his unborn son and Khaled looked at a camera and wanted to tell his son that he loves him. It’s all very touching and a bit cheesy, but from Khaled you know it’s from the heart. Then Kimmel asks, “Will you be Snapchatting the birth?” Of course he will be and he wants to snap the entire birth. Are we talking from the moment his fiancee’s water breaks, or what? Kimmel then followed up with the question that everyone wants to ask, “So what does your fiancee say about that?” Khaled response will sure to lose some of his female fans, especially those who are pregnant, “Well, the key is that I’m the king, and the queen should support the king.” Let’s see how your queen acts when you shove a smartphone near her while she’s pushing out a human from her body.