DJ Mustard Was Detained At LAX For Having A Loaded Gun In A Carry-On

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Stardom is one of those things where you reap most of the benefits of the highs, and suffer the blame for the lows. Just ask super-producer DJ Mustard. TMZ reports that the “Pop It, Shake It” producer was at LAX recently, set to travel out of the city with a friend when TSA officials spotted a gun in the X-Ray machine. Airport police then decided to detain both Mustard and his friend for the gun. After a brief investigation, the surveillance footage revealed that the bag carrying the loaded .22 semi-automatic gun belonged to Mustard’s friend, not the producer.

He was released, but his friend was arrested and likely booked on gun possession charges. Paparazzi then chased Mustard down, first as he sat in an overpass, then on his way out of the airport, asking him about the situation. He denied knowledge of the gun, and got justifiably agitated at the paparazzi’s questions.

As airtight as airport security is, one would think travelers would have their figurative T’s crossed and I’s dotted to avoid suspicion, but apparently sometimes people just forget. TI’s stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins recently dealt with a similar situation, as last June she was busted in Atlanta airport with a gun in her purse that she forgot was there. She got off with community service since it was her first offense and she was a registered firearm carrier.

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