DMX Is Being Ordered To Pay $2.3 Million In Back Taxes After He Gets Out Of Prison

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DMX has been ordered to make good on his past due tax bill according to a report from TMZ. After being sentenced to a year in prison for income tax evasion, the rapper born Earl Simmons has been ordered to also fork over $2.3 million to settle his debt with Uncle Sam.

The judge mandated that DMX will have to begin making payments of 10 percent of his gross monthly income in monthly installments beginning two months after his release from Danbury Federal Correctional Facility. The “Slippin'” rapper will also have to attend an outpatient substance abuse program as well as a mental health program.

It could be worse; when DMX initially pled guilty to tax evasion in December of last year, it was reported that he faced up to five years in prison, down from the 44 years that was originally reported as his potential punishment for dodging the tax man.

Of course, DMX hasn’t had a hit on the radio in almost two decades, so putting together that kind of scratch fresh out of prison might be logistically complicated for the troubled rapper. Perhaps he can capitalize on the unexpected success of his oddly delightful “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” rendition and release a whole album of gravel-voiced classic Christmas carol covers. It’d be a hit for sure.