‘Do The Paul Ryan’ Might Be The Greatest Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen

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10.09.12 5 Comments

Yesterday brought us the Mitt Romney rap. Now this. Ugh, what a week. The most liked comment on the YouTube video for “Do the Paul Ryan” says everything you need to know:

An amazing video – music, dance, and, yes, the feeling of electing Ryan. I hope your video goes viral and much success befriends every-one on this video. BUT, I WORRY. What about NYT? What about MSNBC? What about HuffPost or DailyBeast? What will all these outlets do once they discover this video? They will DIS-CREDIT you/your voice/your every-thing? Are you ready for that? God be with you.

“Do the Paul Ryan” is somehow worse than an old white candidate trying to appeal to the KOLORED KIDZ by rapping about bling. I’m not sure if it’s the moment when the male members of the band say that they love Paul Ryan (GAY EW STOP WRONG), or when everyone does the lawnmower while simultaneously doing the Paul Ryan, or when the singer literally kicks an unemployment chart, or when the same singer goes “surfing” with the ruggedly handsome Paul Ryan that puts this video over the top, or if it’s just the entire thing.

No matter the answer, thank you National 912 PAC, “a group that was formed to emphasize a new brand of Conservatism that crosses traditional social and economic boundaries, and to remind people what it is to be an American,” according to the AV Club, for making this happen. Your Hot or Not 2012 earnestness might actually be endearing — if it wasn’t for someone who’d totally be OK with a stranger doing YOU, then making you deal with the unwanted consequences.

(Via AV Club)

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