Tupac Shakur Talked About Donald Trump’s Greed More Than 20 Years Ago

Donald Trump remains on the minds, and the lips, of many people these days, and that will likely continue to be the case until his Presidential candidacy ends, whenever that may be. The former reality show star and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York cameo maker has made a lot of people angry, and there is a plethora of people who see Trump as a greedy, unctuous fellow who is not to be trusted. One of those people, apparently, was Tupac Shakur.

Now, it is probably important to note that we are talking about the past here. Tupac may still be releasing albums years after his death, but he has not risen to the level of expressing opinion on current presidential candidates from beyond the grave. MTV News’ YouTube channel recently posted a video of an unaired interview with the rapper from 1992. In the clip, Tupac discusses the importance of responsibility and generosity, and his feeling that the exceedingly wealthy lack those particular traits. Who does he cite as an example of such a person? Why, Donald Trump, of course.

Granted, at the time, there was a long established beef between West Coast rappers and East Coast egomaniacs, but nevertheless, this clip goes to show you that some things don’t change. One imagines, were Tupac still around today, he would be doubling down on these opinions.