Don’t Use Nine Inch Nails’ Logo For Your Political Campaign, Unless You Want A Cease And Desist

Trent Reznor is busy with Apple Music, but he’s still got time to stop you from stealing from him. Three Canadian politicians have been using the Nine Inch Nails logo to help promote their “Building Alberta Together” campaign, but it looks like their fun with the logo has come to an end.

Alberta premier Rachel Notley, Edmonton mayor Don Iverson, and Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi unveiled a t-shirt with their main campaign logo on it.  The logo is the exact Nine Inch Nails logo except for where it is supposed to say “Nine Inch Nails” the shirt reads “Notley Iverson Nenshi.” While on a radio show Monday, Iverson came clean and said the shirts would no longer be used to help promote their Building Alberta Together campaign, thanks to their lawyers, explaining, “We got advice that there were some concerns about the trademark and essentially to cease and desist.” It was fun while it lasted but at least Nenshi knew the shirts were sort of lame.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time Rachel Notley has dipped her political toes in the music world; for her campaign last spring she created shirts reading Nötley Crüe.  If I lived in Canada you’d get my vote no matter what you were running for Rachel Notley!


(via: Billboard)