A New Superbowl Ad Features Morgan Freeman And Peter Dinklage In A Fierce Rap Battle

It’s almost time for the Super Bowl. Millions of people will be watching the big game at home, not only looking to see the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles clash – and Justin Timberlake perform at halftime – but to see the amazing commercials. The biggest brands in the world pay millions of dollars just for a 30-second spot because they know the world is watching on America’s biggest unofficial holiday. When you’re investing that kind of money, you better come through with an engaging ad. That’s what Mountain Dew and Doritos recently tried to do with their star-studded commercial featuring Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, Morgan Freeman, and Peter Dinklage.

The funny spot shows Busta and Missy teaching Freeman and Lannister to rhyme. On the list of people you never thought you’d see rapping, we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re high on the list. Alas, there they are in their glory, imitating two of Busta and Missy’s biggest hits. Dinklage raps Busta Rhymes’ double-time “Look At Me Now” verse, spitting flames amid a room alit with erupting fireballs. Conversely, Morgan Freeman is ice cold as he rhymes over Missy’s “Get Your Freak On.” The ad is a mashup for Mountain Dew Ice drink and Doritos’ Blaze chips.