Dr. Dre And Ice Cube Cleared Of Allegations In Suge Knight Murder Lawsuit

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Seems like it was just yesterday Suge Knight ran over someone on the Straight Outta Compton set, leaving a man dead and a trail of craziness in his wake. When Terry Carter’s family issued a wrongful death lawsuit against Knight, they lumped in Dr. Dre and Ice Cube as well. While Cube and Dre didn’t seem to sweat the lawsuit at all, it’s still serious business. Well, it was, as both men have officially cleared in a court of law.

TMZ — who else would it be — is reporting a judge determined the former NWA members had nothing to do with Carter’s unfortunate death.. The same can’t be said for Knight, who’s still awaiting a murder trial as well. That’s a lot of burden to carry on one set of shoulders, even those as broad as his.

While it’s obvious how the former Death Row CEO bears responsibility, Carter’s family accused gang members, supposedly hired by Dre and Cube, of instigating whatever confrontation led to Carter’s death. The judge saw otherwise and here we are.

In a way, this represents what may possibly be the last link between Dre and Knight. Of course history, will always join their names together, but the good Doctor has never been able to truly escape that dark red cloud. Whether he’s sitting behind a desk at Aftermath or standing on a set of a movie, his former boss was always omnipresent.

Until now. This may be the exclamation point on this chapter of rap music and for two guys who produced so much dope material together, it’s definitely a sad way to see it end.

(Via TMZ)