Drake’s Muslim Fans Are Boycotting Over Accusations Of Islamophobia

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Drake was just saying “f*ck Donald Trump” and was on his peace love ish a few days while on his Boy Meets World tour. Now The Boy is being accused of Islamophobia.

Drake’s Muslim fans are boycotting the Jewish rapper after they claim he told a female concert goer to remove her hijab. In the clip that appeared to have been recorded earlier this month, Drake’s heard giving the unidentified woman a shout out before advising her to get a bit more comfortable. “You got on that hot ass scarf right there, you might wanna take this off. You gotta turn the f*ck up. You gon have to come out that sh*t.”

The word “hijab” was never said, and the video doesn’t make it clear if the woman was wearing an actual scarf or a hijab. Still, fans are upset and calling for a boycott.

“Boycott this misogynist islamophobe. I don’t care. I’ll take the heat from any Drake fan. Bring it on! I stand tall for my Muslim sisters!,” a critic tweeted. Another critic also found fault in Drake’s choice of words, tweeting, “Calling a Muslim’s hijab ‘that sh*t’ and telling them to take it off is so disrespectful but let’s see Drake actually gets called out for it.”

Again, Drake never said “hijab, ” and it’s not clear if the woman was even wearing one or wearing an actual scarf. What’s known was uploaded Feb. 2, days before Drizzy said “F*ck Donald Trump” for trying to “tear us apart” and “turning us against each other.”

Drake has yet to comment on the controversy.