Drake’s Appearance On Brazilian Artist Kevin O Chris’ ‘Ela É do Tipo’ Expands His Global Reach

Drake’s international appetite is one of his most widely-ridiculed traits but it’s also kept him at the forefront of music stardom for the past half-decade, so it makes sense for him to continue dipping into regional sounds despite the “culture vulture” accusations against him. His latest global experiment is an appearance on Brazilian MC Kevin O Chris’ funk carioca hit “Ela É do Tipo.”

The song is a beckoning club track that finds the two artists trying to entice a lady paramour to leave behind her mundane lifestyle and join them instead. Drake sings in both English and his host’s native language, Portuguese, as he encourages the object of his affection to “leave that man and come and just be mine.” The bouncy single is just the latest of Drake’s venture into the underground music scenes of his globe-spanning empire — since he’s one of the most popular artists in just about every country where his music is played, he often reciprocates by blessing their standout local artists with his coveted co-sign.

Kevin O Chris was overjoyed to receive that co-sign, writing on Instagram “Familiaaaaa, está oficialmente lançada #ElaÉDotipo com o brabo @champagnepapi 🚀 Gratidão por tudo que está acontecendo e amanhã é dia de comemorar tudo isso,” which Google roughly translates “Familiaaaaa, is officially launched # ElaÉDotype with brabo @champagnepapi Gratitude for all that is happening and tomorrow is the day to celebrate it all.”

Check out the remix to “Ela É do Tipo” above.

MC Kevin O Chris is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.