Drake Awkwardly Sat Down With Jiminy Glick On This Week’s ‘Maya & Marty’

06.08.16 3 years ago

Maya & Marty, the new variety show starring Maya Rudolph and Martin Short, had its second episode Tuesday night, and it once again featured the return of my personal favorite character of Short’s: the cloying talk show host Jiminy Glick. Glick is truly mesmerizing; I watch him and I start laughing in a way that one might view as unbecoming for a man of my age, but I don’t care. Go on a Jiminy Glick YouTube deep dive and see for yourself what I’m getting at. It’s cool, we can wait.

On Maya and Marty‘s premiere, Glick interviewed Larry David, and on this week’s episode, Glick sat down with “an absolute living legend of rapsterdom” in Drake. The interview covered Glick’s disinterest in rap, the importance of holding Glick’s attention during the four seconds it takes him to change the radio station, and the fact that, according to Glick, the Views rapper has “zero street cred” due to the fact that he is a “Canadian, former child star” and whose name is Aubrey. Glick also posed one of the most pressing questions out there today: “Why do you think only fat kids play the tuba?” He has strong feelings about tuba players; feelings that Drake was quick to add that he didn’t condone.

Public relations nightmare avoided, Drake. Good job.

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