Drake Confirms ‘Scorpion’ Will Be A Double Album With A Whopping 25-Song Tracklist

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Drake loves long albums. Maybe he just can’t stand the sometimes brutal process of editing and paring down a tracklist. With all the work that goes into each song, of course he wants the world to hear them all. But with such a big gap between his last “official” album, Views, and his upcoming release, Scorpion, it seems he’s got more to say than ever — at least, that’s how it appears, judging from the tracklist he just posted to his Instagram.

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In fact, with 25 songs listed across two “sides” — A and B — Scorpion contains the greatest volume of songs of any of Drake’s five studio albums (six, if you include More Life). Meanwhile, some of the song titles are pretty intriguing. For instance, you kind of have to hope Drake unleashes his inner closet gamer on a song called “Final Fantasy” and “Ratchet Happy Birthday” sounds like it has potential for some quotables.

The current speculation online is that the album is split along his diverse delivery styles; one side will be rapped songs and the other, sung. The fact that both of his singles, “I’m Upset” and “God’s Plan,” both of which primarily feature Drake rapping, are contained on the shorter side A, sort of supports that theory, but “Nice For What,” a hyperactive bounce jam fell to Side B, so it may turn out that this album is even more diverse than a simple rap/R&B split. We won’t really know until midnight on Friday.

Update: Apple Music has revealed the full tracklist with features included. The names that may catch the most attention are Jay-Z and Michael Jackson(!), but it appears there may also be some unreleased Static Major as well, featured alongside his spiritual successor Ty Dolla Sign on “After Dark.” Check it out below.

Scorpion is out tonight at midnight via OVO Sound/Young Money. Get it here.