DRAM Leaves The Stage Mid-Show To Buy Backwoods At A Corner Store

Getty Image

DRAM was in the middle of playing a show in College Station, Texas Friday night when he was suddenly struck with the craving for a cigar. The “Broccoli” rapper exited the venue and rushed to a corner store to pick up a pack of Backwoods. DRAM kept his wireless mic on his person, and continued rapping as a huge crowd of fans rushed to followed him into the store.

DRAM posted a fan-captured video of the hectic event to Twitter with the caption, “Last night in College Station was lit…had to run to the store during the show to get more backwoods.” “Bro, if you need some weed, I got you,” one fan announced as DRAM was making his purchase.

Another fan caught a video of the rapper walking into the store.

A fan confirmed on Twitter that DRAM did in fact return to the stage and finish his set after purchasing his Backwoods. The Twitter videos show a massive crowd pushing into the rapper at the corner store. DRAM’s security guard definitely had his work cut out for him Friday night as the rapper fought his way through hoards of people both exiting and returning to the stage.